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Producing the film: “A Ride With Clyde”

Without a doubt, Andrew Gilbert and I have had an attachment with Clyde since he visited Oak Hill and the images that were created during the time we spent with him found their way into the Summer of 2018 “20th Anniversary Edition” Drake Magazine.

Late in the fall of 2022 after learning that Clyde was languishing in a pole barn outside of Birmingham, we set a plan in motion to bring him to east Tennessee with the idea of creating a fly fishing film centered around the car and cast of Tailer Trash Fly Fishing‘s personalities and friendships.

It wasn’t until late spring and a little arm twisting later we were able to get Clyde to Bluff City, TN. Instrumental in the task were our friends Cody & Kyle who trailered him there from Chattanooga where they met Sam Bailey for the pass-off.

Clyde arrives late spring 2023

When Andrew and I set off on the project we had a basic idea of how we wanted the film to look and feel. As we started working our way through our shot lists, we found out we may need to pivot on some of our ideas.

Our Key Technical Consultant for Clyde – Howard O.

By my count, I think we changed directions around three times. Some of the changes were a result of difficulties in the story arch, others were due to getting permission to include some of the locations featured in the film.

Director of Photography & Editor – Andrew Gilbert

By the end of the summer of 2023 we had what we needed for footage and Andrew began the heavy lifting of editing them together to bring the story to life.

Our partnership ultimately lead to being selected for the 2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

A Ride With Clyde – Official Selection 2024

The entire experience was one that lead to an even tighter knit relationship between all of us.

Tiller enjoying a Ride With Clyde

We’re already looking for another project to team up on.

Tailer Trash Fly Fishing


The 2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival

Join us again at The Marine Discovery Center for an afternoon tailgate with friends new and old before we all enjoy the latest films selected for the IF4 are shown at the amphitheater once the sun goes down.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the IF4 website.

This years exhibition of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival will be a special one for the podcast. We cant wait to see you there!

The Flybrary Project

In February 2019 I was minding my own business, gassing up my skiff and slapping a couple of stickers on Pump 1 at the Oak Hill Sunoco (The Meth Lab), when I noticed an old strip of double sided foam tape that was stuck in the middle of the sticker collage. My first thought was to scrape it off to make room for more stickers. As I contemplated it, I looked in my Whipray’s aft locker and saw a fly box laying there and decided to stick a couple of clouser minnow flies on it instead. I posted a story on my Instagram profile, @saltbum, offering them to a good home.

Over the next few weeks, the two flies disappeared and miraculously, new ones appeared from other fly anglers who frequent the store. After visiting Castaway Customs to order fly patches for the Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Podcast, I stuck a 239 Flies patch on the pump to see if something a little more formal would inspire even greater participation.

We later talked about the number of stickers that had been accumulating on the gas pump as well as the addition of the fly patch on an episode of Tailer Trash. Thats when it really started to take off.

Carl Granger and I needed fuel before heading out to watch one of the rocket launches that frequently happen here along the Space Coast and while we were there, we posted another story featuring the fly patch with the “Need one, take one – Have one, leave one” mantra that is often associated with a cup of pennies alongside a gas station cash register. During the next podcast, the term Flybrary was used for the first time to describe it.

We sent a couple of our new Tailer Popper fly patches to our good friend Ben Sittig in Colorado so he could put them up, creating the first two Flybrarys outside of Florida. When he did, he posted a story on his Instagram and the response was HUGE.

Since then, the Flybrary Project has taken on a life of its own, creating a sense of community and a positive vibe within the fly fishing community nationwide. Flybrary Projects come in all shapes and sizes. The spirit of the movement is to create a community of sharing and collaboration amongst anglers. get out there and found a Flybrary in your neighborhood.

Trailhead Flybrary
Mobile Flybrary
Riverside Flybrary
Riverside Flybrary

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