Fly Fishing Lessons

So you’ve got the bug and you’ve picked up the long rod as your preferred method of chasing fish, but you need a little help to take your casting skills to the next level?  I’m ready to help you do just that. Personally tailored to your specific needs, fly fishing instruction is available to help you improve and get the most out of your time on the water.

Everyone’s casting style is different, but the principles behind getting a fly to the target remain the same.  If you want a laid back critique, followed by tweaks that will improve performance, followed by  positive reinforcement  to cement your skills, get in touch.

Bottom line, the goal is to catch fish & the work we will do together will  help you do just that.

Fly Fishing Lessons Available in the New Smyrna Beach Area

Basic: 1 Hour Lakeside: $75/hour

Advanced: Total Immersion: $TBD (contact to discuss goals)

You can connect with me on Instagram via DM:


Mosquito Lagoon Fly Fishing Guide