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Up & Down in the Lowcountry

There is something about Charleston… The entire place has a vibe about it that is unmistakable. It’s the kinda of place where everyone is welcoming, happy and looking for the good in every situation.

After working the first half of the week in Washington, DC it was a welcome place and change of pace to wind down the week and ease into the weekend.

My family loves the place as much as I do, so they welcomed the chance to meet me there.

The next few days were spent eating, skating, fishing, drinking and being merry.

This is what Good Clean Livin looks like:

While we were there we made sure to get our yellow lab, Cabo, a session with Bre Williams. She takes amazing photos, check out her latest work on Instagram or click here.

Flood Tide Goodness in The Lowcountry

With only one trip to the Lowcountry on the books, I long for the day when I can make the journey there again.  Its unlike anything you’ve done where redfish are concerned.

Seriously, its an experience that will recalibrate your sense of what cast to  a tailing redfish should be.

The good guys at LC Journal capture the experience very well in their latest offering.

Do yourself a favor and follow them on Vimeo, they keep it fresh and rarely disappoint.