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IFTD 2015 – Playing Hookie on Day 3

After spending two days at the Flood Tide Company booth, I ducked out to film a little with Catch 1 Films on the home water; Mosquito Lagoon.

ONE: mosquito lagoon

Its always great to spend time on the water with friends.  Being able to relive the moments in film is priceless.






After Equinox – LC Journal

There is something about the south that draws you in and wraps its arms around you in a big comforting hug.  From the mountains of appalachia where Southern Culture On The Fly is composed and published to the marshes of the Lowcountry where Flood Tide Co. calls home, there is a vibe that invites you into the fold like a long lost brother who’s home for the weekend.

Every time a new video drops, you know its going to be sweeter than molasses.

After Equinox is no exception

LC Journal – Doug Roland


Flood Tide Goodness in The Lowcountry

With only one trip to the Lowcountry on the books, I long for the day when I can make the journey there again.  Its unlike anything you’ve done where redfish are concerned.

Seriously, its an experience that will recalibrate your sense of what cast to  a tailing redfish should be.

The good guys at LC Journal capture the experience very well in their latest offering.

Do yourself a favor and follow them on Vimeo, they keep it fresh and rarely disappoint.