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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines – The 2015 Tarpon 500 Is About To Go Green

Skiffs are beginning  to slide into the waters surrounding the Florida Keys as the annual tarpon migration is starting to happen.  Starters will spin motors to life in the pre-dawn light as anglers and guides head out to post up on their chosen line, hoping to see strings of tarpon streaming to them ready to eat the fly they’ll offer.

Get a taste of the addiction that is getting fed by joining legendary tarpon angler Andy Mill as he shares a day with his son, teaching him the ropes.

If Andy’s passion doesn’t get you geared up to head south in search of silver, you might already be dead.

Change of Pace

The new year is now a little over a month old yet it seems like a lifetime has past since I’ve been on the water.  Truth be told, I’ve slipped out a couple of times in the past couple of weeks, but it just doesn’t seem like it.

Cold fronts continue their march south on a regular basis, bringing with them a howling wind that has forced me to realign priorities. Days spent with a chainsaw running or shovel in hand will pay dividends once the weather begins to settle.

Life marches on, but at least the chore list is getting shorter.

One bright spot that has me looking beyond the horizon is a new fly rod that is on its way shortly.  A 12 wt. prototype will land shortly and it will bring purpose with it.  It has to be bent in real world conditions.

Until that happens, its back to trimming and straightening up the yard…

Break Time

Spring Break, synonymous with time at the beach…

That time has arrived, but first a little bit of time has to be spent at the ballpark checking up on my favorite springtime caster.  Baseball is in full swing in the Citrus League, which can only mean one thing – the west coast will see some silver soon.

Its already starting to happen in the Keys, so its now just a matter of time and a few more warm days away.

For now, its dogs at the ballpark…