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Images: A Festival of the Arts

Our family had the opportunity to support Images this year by being a Patron for the event.

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend.

Absolutely beautiful weather was the backdrop for an amazing first day of Images.

We spent time walking the exhibits and found a new piece for our home on the first day.

We found the perfect piece of art for our home and presented the artist with a Patron’s Choice award.

We enjoyed the hospitality of the Patrons Lounge.

Hospitality at the Brannon Center was top notch.

We picked up some small sculptures for our mantle on day two.

Our small school.

We awarded our second Patron’s Choice award to the artist, Matt Maher.

His work is amazing, you can find it by visiting Mojo Metalworks.

The green fish once lived its life as a wheelbarrow.

Throughout the event we, we were amazed at the vast variety of art, the pleasant crowds and how clean and tidy everything was kept by event staff and volunteers.

If you have the opportunity, jump at the chance to be a Patron at Images 2021.

The Atlantic Center for the Arts is part of the fabric of the New Smyrna Beach community and we could be more proud to have supported them this year!

Zane Porter Art

Zane Porter is an angler, artist, guide and generally all around good guy.  I’ve followed him on Instagram for a long while and always find his feed to be chock full of great images and examples of his unique style of art.

Recently he contacted me to ask if I would mind if he used a few of the images in my Instagram feed to create a piece of art.

I was flattered and of course said yes.

To my surprise, I found out this afternoon that he had also created a piece especially for me.


Tailer Park by Zane Porter

I have a serious art habit, so the addition of another original from a new up and coming artist to my collection is simply amazing.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece for yourself, I suggest you move quickly.  You can find his contact information by clicking here.

His subjects vary as well as the medium used to create the work.