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Larry L. Littrell here, Salt Bum is the name of my website because over the years its really what I feel I’ve become.  I’d heard plenty of folks refer to fishy guys out west as trout bums because its their life’s goal to be outdoors, on the water every moment that they can spare, chasing trout in the beautiful places trout call home.  Since there are a lot of targets out there that live in salty places, I co-opted the term to reflect my passion for my more coastal pursuits.

I’ve been chasing saltwater species for a while now, even to the point where I got a place along the shores of Mosquito Lagoon in Oak Hill, Florida to make it that much easier to do.

The chill vibes the place has brought my way over the years lead to it being referred to by many friends as Oak Chill, a name that has stuck and was the genesis for a little friendly tournament I held there for a few years, The Oak cHill’n Invitational.

More recently and as a way to pay homage to the redfish that also call Mosquito Lagoon home, I’ll often refer to it as The Tailer Park.

If you’ve never visited The Tailer Park, you can hear me and some friends talk about our lives there on the podcast, Fly Fishing After Dark.

Well, now that you know a little about where Salt Bum gets its inspiration, I’ll tell you a bit more about myself.

mosquito lagoon fly fishing guide

I’m a family guy that loves the hell out of my wife of 20 years, I try hard to be the best Rad Dad I can for my son, a skateboarding grom and I always take time to rub my yellow lab, Cabo, behind the ears and take him on the skiff with me to explore any chance I get.

I fy fish as much as life allows and often get to experience the joys of guiding  friends, who visit from all over the country, to their first Mosquito Lagoon redfish.

I travel a good bit to chase fish.  From across the Caribbean chasing bonefish, floating a remote river in Alaska or exploring rivers and streams in the American West, I’ve been around.

I love to share my adventures, frustrations and celebrate the fly fishing lifestyle with others, so occasionally I write about it.  You can find some of my works published in The Drake Magazine and The Flyfish Journal.

If you’re ever around the Space Coast and would like to share in the adventure, hit me up.

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